TML Live!

I want to perform my songs at your event! If you’re a candidate for office, a fundraiser for a liberal cause, or simply need some good live original music at your event, let’s talk. I’ll come to your town or city, just invite me. Want a custom composed song for your candidate or cause? Yep, I do that too!

I’m a singer/songwriter, and news/politics junkie. I create songs and videos that combine both these interests. I can’t stand corporate-bought, worker-hating, science-denying, truth-distorting, bullying extremist right wing politicians. So here is where I sound off and hope to connect with like-minded folks who want to get America back on the right track.

Let’s get this done, and hear some great tunes in the process!

-The Mad Lefty


Dear America, Live at Googie’s Lounge NYC, July 13, 2012