In February of 2011, newly elected Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker signed a bill that would strip Wisconsin’s public workers of their decades-old collective bargaining rights. He claimed this was needed to balance the state’s budget, but later admitted that was a lie. Wisconsin’s teachers, nurses, farmers, and other public workers have peacefully, but relentlessly protested on the streets of Madison and throughout the state, valiantly fighting to retain their rights. They have inspired the whole nation, and this song and video is dedicated to them.

Public workers are under attack. Radical right wing governors, essentially puppets of their wealthy corporate donors, are trying to destroy unions by taking away rights they’ve had for decades. It started in Wisconsin, and spread to Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, and beyond. In fact, much of Europe faces the same struggle. This song is for you. Whether you’re a teacher, firefighter, nurse, social worker, sanitation worker, prison guard, etc. Keep fighting for your rights!