In February of 2011, newly elected Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker signed a bill that would strip Wisconsin’s public workers of their decades-old collective bargaining rights. He claimed this was needed to balance the state’s budget, but later admitted that was a lie. Wisconsin’s teachers, nurses, farmers, and other public workers have peacefully, but relentlessly protested on the streets of Madison and throughout the state, valiantly fighting to retain their rights. They have inspired the whole nation, and this song and video is dedicated to them.

Public workers are under attack. Radical right wing governors, essentially puppets of their wealthy corporate donors, are trying to destroy unions by taking away rights they’ve had for decades. It started in Wisconsin, and spread to Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, and beyond. In fact, much of Europe faces the same struggle. This song is for you. Whether you’re a teacher, firefighter, nurse, social worker, sanitation worker, prison guard, etc. Keep fighting for your rights!


If you believe that climate change is just a hoax, and Earth appeared one day 6000 years ago. If you think hurricanes are punishment from God… If science seems like blasphemy, we’re here for you, The GOP!

Anything Is Possible

My latest non-political song collection. The title track, Anything is Possible, is my first duet, featuring Japanese singer Hitomi Fukasawa. The other songs follow suit, with themes that encompass romance, travel, and dreams being realized. An uplifting journey (I’d like to think) that culminates with the future timeless classic, Happy New Year (wishful thinking).

Introducing Chuck…

Chuck is a good friend of mine who lives in Bend, Oregon. I’ve seen him once in the past 15 years. He used to have a very long beard, but that was before I met him. He seems like a normal, down-to-earth guy, but he’s really not. He makes very cool works of art which you can find at He also started a blog about the middle class, but he can’t get his shit together to actually launch it. So I’ve given him a forum on a much better blog right here. Chuck, this is your chance to shine. Write some good funny shit, or you are outta here in a heartbeat.

Introducing BOBama…

If you have any inclination to read the political ramblings of a crotchety old buffoon, who happens to be my dad, this is the place for you. He’s a literary genius, if you enjoy very weird science fiction stories. He’s also an engineer, having spent most of his life working on incomprehensible math equations, and soldering tiny parts into capacitors. He wanted a place to share his views with you, so I told him he could use my blog. Probably a huge mistake, but he is my dad after all.

His name is Bob, and he has nicknamed himself BOBama. So BOBama, take it away…